Saturday, August 29, 2009

On why it is dangerous to be sick

I have been discovering of late how dangerous it is to spend time home, sick, with nothing to do...
Now, normally I would be thinking of food if I was stuck at home, however, at the moment, I am not particularly food-enamoured, so have focused on yarn instead.

Short version is I have been off work for weeks with a chest infection, which, according to the latest blood test, is in fact pneumonia.

I finally made it back to work for a semi-respectable amount of time this week. That is, I managed 3 days at about 5 hours each. That was quite enough. I found that the best indication that it was time to go home was when I got the shakes (in my legs, sitting down). Not to mention the fact that I had to quaff huge amounts of caffeine just to stay awake and semi function and I am still sleeping about 15 hours or so a day whilst in recovery mode.

But the good news for the week was I finally received confirmation that I have a new job (yay), which I start in two weeks.

What I am really dreading is all the work I am going to have to do before I leave. It kind of drives me nuts - I have been sick since early July, and seriously, most of my work (though must confess I did do some at home, even though I was told more than once not to) has been piling up (I will admit that the super urgent things have been done in my absence, but I am a bit pissy cos when some other people are off, their entire workload gets redistributed - when I am off, I have to do it all when I come back. At times like this, when I am so sick that I struggle to walk from the first floor of my home to the ground floor (and forget actually going back up again if I forgot something) it really isn't worth taking sick leave as I spent nearly all my time off stressing about how much work I had to do, and the fact that when I came back I would still have to do it all, and now I have two weeks in which to do about 10 weeks' work (hmmmmmmmm - why do I get the feeling that it just isn't going to get done?)

I had great hopes that this next post would be all about the yarn, but after the last few days of this week (ie when I was at work) which were absolutely beautiful sunny days, Saturday was overcast/raining. Which means I couldn't take photos of all the new yarn. Might have to wait for next weekend. And this comes back to where I started - I have LOTS of new yarn since I have been home and haven't had much to do (well, OK, I did do work and I took the time to get quite friendly with the mailman - seriously, anyone facing me at 8.30 am in jammies and/or bathrobe deserves friendly at the very least) but hit the net.

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